The basics needed to start a home recording studio now!

Gone are the days of huge, expensive studios, where your band has no money but wants to record your demo, and the studio and engineer charge by the hour. So you’ve pooled your hard hard earned cash together and found a reasonably priced studio where the engineer will do all 5 tracks (or whatever) for a couple hundred bucks.

You practice like crazy, get your parts right, and get ready to rock that shit!! You hit that 8 hours in the studio like Mike Tyson throwing a wild right, and at the end of it you have…..


For slightly more than what you spent in the studio, you could have built your own studio at home. Think of the benefits  – TIME it get it right, TIME to write, and record everything you do. If you’re competent in the basics of recording and production, it’s possible to produce a product of way better quality than that you recorded at a big fancy studio.

Listen to an example of what we recorded in my BEDROOM using a PC, Pro Tools, Some decent Virtual Instruments, and a decent set of monitors.

So here’s a basic overview of what you need to record at home. Computer-DAW-Interface-Microphone. How to set up a home recording studio – The basics needed to start recording at home now.

Author: The Soundsguy

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